How to Run Cypress Tests in Parallel

What is Parallel Testing?

Advantages of Parallel Testing

  1. Faster Execution: Executes tests in different instances machines simultaneously, reducing execution time and returning test results much quicker.
  2. Less Effort: When parallel testing is triggered, testers do not have to manually wait for one test to complete and trigger another test on a different browser. Tests run on multiple browser-device-OS combinations, so capturing results with less effort is easy.
  3. Better Test Coverage: Parallel testing allows for running tests on as many device-browser-OS combinations as the tester’s infrastructure and budget will allow. This will help attain maximum test coverage without significantly increasing execution time or compromising the accuracy of results.

Challenges of Parallel Testing

Best Practices for Parallel Testing

  1. Keep Tests Independent: Create tests that are as independent as possible. Dependencies are major road blockers for parallel tests and increase failure rates.
  2. Focus on Test Data Management: Ensure that data values are refreshed inside test cases. If one test case alters the values of other test cases, that will eventually impact test results.
  3. Ensure Testing is carried out on Real Browsers and Devices: There is always the possibility that emulators and simulators will provide false results so it is always best to test on real browsers and devices.
  4. When testers run multiple combinations of tests parallelly, a certain load will be generated on the machine, depending on the number and nature of parallel tests. The Test Infrastructure:test infrastructure should be designed to handle the load and execute test cases smoothly.
  5. To yield the best possible output, either create the infra for running parallel tests on CI/CD.

How to run Cypress Tests in Parallel

Running Cypress Tests on Browserstack

Step by Step Guide to Execute Cypress Tests Parallelly on BrowserStack

npm install -g BrowserStack-cypress-cli
browserstack-cypress run -sync
browserstack-cypress run --sync --parallels 5




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