How to Configure Azure DevOps Instant Build Notification in Microsoft Teams?

Configure your Azure DevOps build to get the instant notification upon success or failure in MS Teams also called as connectors for Teams.

Step 1. In your MS Teams Channel when you hover on it … (3 dots) appears. (Refer Image)

Step 2. Click on … dots, Menu Appears

Step 3. Click on Connectors, A window appears

Step 4. In Plugin window Search for Azure DevOps

Step 5. Click on Configure button in Azure DevOps Connector

Step 6. Fill all the Details

Step 7. Click on Save

Step 8. Verify Test Message in Teams Channel

Once you click on Save you should see the test message like below in MS Teams

Step 9. Verify Notification Triggering Build Manually

You should get a notification like below

That’s All

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