Cypress Typescript Framework Github Example Ready Use End to End Testing

Ganesh Hegde
2 min readJul 23, 2021

Cypress Typescript Ready to Use Example Framework on Github

I have Created the Cypress and Typescript Framework with All the Required Features in General for all the organizations. It’s available on GitHub and Free to Use.

So here it is

End to End Testing Framework with Cypress and Typescript

Github Repository

Github Repository Link:

How to Set up Cypress and Typescript End-to-End Automation Testing Framework From Scratch Github Example

This Cypress Typescript Framework is built from the scratch, with minimal dependencies so, You can just clone to your computer star using it with just a few steps.

This Cypress Automation Framework helps beginners and who want to create Cypress End to End Testing Framework POC for their projects.

Never worry about doing Cypress Framework, Just download this framework follow the simple steps mentioned on Github. All Dependencies have been installed automatically no need to do anything. The Complete Framework and Everything has been setup

Features of Cypress Typescript Framework

Cypress is Fully configured with Typescript no additional Settings are required

  1. HTML Report Integration Cypress (Cypress mocha awesome reporter Single HTML File)
  2. JUnit XML Integration Cypress
  3. CI/CD Pipeline Commands Ready
  4. Preserve Cookies Cypress for each Test Integrated
  5. Run your Tests on Multiple Environment Like Staging, Production Ready
  6. Dynamic Execution of Test Suites Ready

If you are searching for questions like this, then this article is for you

Direct Link:

Follow the instructions on GitHub to use this framework

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