Just a year back Cypress was the leader in the market and gained a lot of popularity due to its unique features. but Cypress trade-offs and other promised features did not work in an expected for many users. As expected modern users are not ready to go back to selenium…

The Playwright doesn’t have some options like a test suite, If you are familiar with Protractor we had some options like a suite in the configuration file and it allowed us to execute tests with the --suite option in the command line.

How to Create Tests Suites like Smoke or…

Playwright supports various reporters, by default playwright supports Dot Reporter, Line Reporter, JUnit XML Reporter, JSON Reporter, List Reporter.

With the Recent changes playwright supporting allure reports as well.

This tutorial explains 2 different ways to Generate HTML Reports

  1. Allure Report
  2. HTML Report

Method 1: Allure Reports with Playwright

Step by Step Guide to Integrate and Generate Allure Report with Playwright


This article explains setting up Playwright with NodeJS in detail.

Step by Step Guide to Setup Playwright End to End Test Automation Framework using Page Object Model from Scratch


  1. Install NodeJS
  2. Install Visual Studio Code

Step 1: Create a New Folder

Navigate to desired drive in your computer and create a new folder for Playwright (ex: PlaywrightFramework)

Step 2: Open newly created folder in Visual Studio Code IDE

From Visual Studio Code, Navigate to File> Open > Choose the newly created folder (PlaywrightFramework)

I have created Playwright End to End Test Automation Framework Example Ready to use Framework on git hub.

Git Hub Link: https://github.com/ganeshsirsi/playwright-framework

Playwright End to End Automation Framework. HTML and Allure Report Configured Ready to Use

Playwright End to End Testing Framework Features

  1. Uses Page Object Model
  2. HTML Reports will be generated automatically
  3. Allure Report Integrated

Allure Report usage: Copy and Paste the content from playwright.config-allure-report.ts to playwright.config.ts allure report should work.

For Detailed Tutorial Visit https://ganeshsirsi.medium.com/

If you have any questions contact me on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/ganeshsirsi/

Cypress Typescript Ready to Use Example Framework on Github

I have Created the Cypress and Typescript Framework with All the Required Features in General for all the organizations. It’s available on GitHub and Free to Use.

So here it is

End to End Testing Framework with Cypress and Typescript

Github Repository

Github Repository Link: https://github.com/ganeshsirsi/CypressTypeScript

How to Set up Cypress and Typescript End-to-End Automation Testing Framework From Scratch Github Example

This Cypress Typescript Framework is built from the scratch, with minimal dependencies so, You can just clone…

Why women are feeling guest in their own house after marriage?. Oh!, wait, not limited to woman many handsome guys feeling the same.

I have interviewed many people who included both men and women. As usual, I started with the question

What are your expectations?

Some said he must be…

We wonder some times how things change suddenly from good to bad or bad to good. Some times we imagine, think of something and within next days it will be shown to us we just ignore by saying it’s just a coincidence. Sometimes we dream about the big thing and…

Configure your Azure DevOps build to get the instant notification upon success or failure in MS Teams also called as connectors for Teams.

Step 1. In your MS Teams Channel when you hover on it … (3 dots) appears. (Refer Image)

Step 2. Click on … dots, Menu Appears

Sample Postman/Newman Test Report

Postman is one of the easy and fastest tool for API Testing in the previous article we have covered how to write api tests using postman?. Once we write the postman API tests we need to configure it to CI or Build. …

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